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About us

Bartels is an independent group of companies with more than 150 consulting engineers, designers, structural engineers, project managers and technical specialists. Bartels provides consultancy services in the area of civil and structural engineering, building management, fire safety, geotechnical engineering and much more. Please see our services page for more information. 

As a group, we are widely experienced in the field of high-rise, offices, housing, underground structures, sports and leisure, commercial, schools, hospitals, bridges and railways, harbours and dikes, water cleaning stations and sewage.
With our network of offices throughout Europe, we are able to operate very close to the client and the project. These offices possess great knowledge and experience of local regulations, conditions, ethos and culture, and are also a source for up-to-date information on regional market developments.
The diverse range of projects we undertake indicates the knowledge and experience available within our company. Many clients engage Bartels on an ongoing basis, as the main consulting engineer for their projects. Operating in competitive environments, Bartels is always capable to develop design solutions that fully meet our client’s requirements. This reputation is further enhanced by the many prestigious projects which we have carried out.

Since 2015 Bartels is part of the LievenseCSO Group. More information about LievenseCSO you can find on  


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