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Bartels was founded in may 1971 by Chiel Bartels, then under the name M.J.G. Bartels in a small Dutch town called Velp. The engineering company was set up as a real family business, in the greenhouse that was built behind the living room. A drawing board and a desk were put there and the work could start.








The Bartels’ logo was created in that time, inspired by a structural steel net. This was because one of our largest clients at that time was ‘Staalmat’ (steel mat) in Utrecht. By 1973 our company became too big for its current location and was relocated to Lochem, where there is still an office of Bartels today.

Because of our good relation with the Utrecht based company Staalmaat, a new Bartels office is established in Utrecht. Gradually our company grows through organic growth. An office in Amsterdam is established, because of our cooperation with the Dutch company Voorbij Beton. From this, an office in Zwijndrecht (near Rotterdam) arose.










In 1985 the company continues under the new name ‘Ingenieursburo Bartels’ and with this a new logo came. Our current logo is still based on this one.

Due to personal circumstances, the founder Chiel Bartels sold the company in 1994. Five enthusiastic employees took over all the shares. One of those five, Frank Lekkerkerker, is still a major shareholder of Bartels today.

At the end of the nineties the number of offices is extended, because of the acquirement of two existing engineering companies.

In 2005 we make the transition toward the current notation of our company name, Bartels Consulting Engineers. With this, it’s also time for refreshment of our logo again. This is still the same as our current logo. Around this time Pieter van Boom and Taco Klevering accede the board of directors.

Anno 2010 Bartels is still looking for new challenges and opportunities in the market. With five offices in the Netherlands and offices in Ireland and Poland, we have a reasonable international foothold. But Bartels wants more. Thus, in the beginning of 2010, Bakkala Consulting Engineers was founded, a Dublin-based company that specializes in high-rise.

Halfway 2015 Bartels was looking for new opportunities to provide even more multidisciplinary and specialized services. Bartels got in touch with the company LievenseCSO. After several conversations and having done some research for collaboration possibilities, Bartels joined the LievenseCSO Holding BV. 


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