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We are constantly striving to put the customer first in our work. Engineering is working with people. Our mission is therefore largely based on how we are as individuals and work as professionals.

We select, train and educate ourselves to be friendly and serviceable to others, with a practical attitude to work, proactive behavior and creative solutions.

As a company we recognize our responsibility to use our engineering skills to work for a better, cleaner and more sustainable world. Honesty and integrity are highly valued.


The way we work is characterized by five core values:

Client orientated
The building process starts from the first contact between the client and our office. Good relationships based on trust and respect, are central to the successful execution of a project. For these reasons, we attach major importance to the way that our skills and enthusiasm are conveyed to the client, in all our contacts.

All our advice, drawings, and calculations are aimed at the design and definition of accountable and cost-effective construction. To that end we take into consideration issues such as choice of materials, execution, budget and the time schedule for the building programme. In that way our advice and recommendations ensure major savings in the actual project construction.

Time is a critical factor in the success of the construction project. Changes that occur during the design stage require a fast and flexible response. Bartels is capable of responding to these demands. This capacity for fast and flexible response minimizes the risk of delays in the building programme. 

During the design-, calculation- and drafting phases we constantly visualize the actual execution. We take into account the resources that will be needed for construction, the aesthetic aspects, and the choice of materials. In this ways we try to ensure that the final design will indeed be practical, safe and sustainable.

We are renowned for our excellent knowledge and work. Bartels understands the need for design solutions that match the vision and enterprise of our client. Our entrepreneurial approach ensures that we will offer innovative solutions which perfectly meet that vision. Much effort is put into the crucial early design stage. In this stage we develop and rework various concepts and options until a solution finally emerges which satisfies everyone concerned, and fully meets the client requirements.

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