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Frans-Jan Willemen

Location: Leeuwarden - Netherlands
Position: Manager Bartels Civil Engineering
Telephone: +31 (0)6 - 51 05 60 05
Civil Engineering

Frans-Jan Willemen graduated in 1999 from the TU Delft (NL) as a Civil Engineer. His involvement in drilled tunnels and underground buildings was extended during the years after his graduation. With a strong background in engineering, he performed research on the projects Heinenoord tunnel and Botlek rail tunnel to settlement behavior and design aspects of this new tunnel technique. His broad background in engineering connects with the ambition of Bartels. Various building and utility projects are reviewed. But he is drawn towards infrastructure.

In 2005 Frans-Jan moves to the Bartels office in Leeuwarden, where the civil engineering branch is developed further. Frans-Jan: "With my knowledge and experience I'm in charge of the office. We have specialists in the fieds of pre-tensioning, geotechnical engineering, concrete structures and detail engineering, with whom we can contribute to large and medium size infrastructure projects. Quality and expertise are vital to this! We are at your service."


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