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Galgenhwert office complex

project image
Galghenwert Utrecht
Project data
Client: Eurocommerce
Architect: Dam and Partners
Contractor: Midreth Bouwbedrijf
Building costs: € 33 million
Building time: 2005 - 2008
Gross floor area: 31.745 m2


In 2005 was the start of the massive reconstruction of the football stadium Galgenwaard, home ground of FC Utrecht. The derelict area around the stadium was long from finished. In this area, the build of the office complex Galghenwert started, where a tower of 85,55 metres high is literally and figuratively of speech the peak. Bartels was consulting engineer of this project.

The office buildings charactarize itself by the enormous glass facades and have a transparent character because of this. The whole complex has campus-like looks and is strategically situated, only a short distance away from the motorway and the city center.

The more than 85 metres high tower is build from a prefab concrete skeleton and an in cast in-situ concrete core. Furthermore a half underground parking garage is realized with over 1.350 parking spaces.

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