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Open wijkschool - Vlissingen (Netherlands)

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Openwijk school - Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Openwijk school - Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Openwijk school - Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Openwijk school - Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Open wijkschool - Vlissingen (Netherlands)
Project data
Client: Marsaki B.V.
Architect: Architect office Ir. Marlies Rohmer, Amsterdam
Contractor: Walcerse Bouwunie
Building costs: € 13 million
Building period: 2010 - 2011
Gross floor area: 11.000 m2


In Vlissingen (Netherlands), the Open Wijkschool 'De Combinatie' has been constructed. In this new open school there are three primary school and a wide range of social-cultural and communal services like a kindergarten, a pre-school, day-care facilities, a large gym with communal space. Bartels Engineers was the chief engineer for this project.
Two rings, forming an eight, are diagonally draped on the massive square. Thus creating seperated playing-grounds, while the space still will be experienced as one streamlined entity. The larger and higher ring, with 38 social houses seperated by two layers, forms a nice contrast with the massive building ' de Harlekijn'. the middle of the primary ring houses a square gym, with a surface area of 640 m2. Around this, three schools are situated, with each their respective entrance. This gym, with its prefab walls, also functions as a stabiliser of the primary ring.
Because of the 'odd' shape of the building and the many variations in its diameter, it was decided to use reinforced concrete. To keep the construction speed high and costs as low as possible, the stability of the secondary ring is derived from the primary ring. The secondary ring consists of a table construction: floor (tabletop) and columns (the legs). This results in a high flexibility, several walls can be easily moved. Thus making the secondary ring highly flexible in its layout.
Below the secondary ring a half-sunken underground car park has been constructed with around 50 parking spots for residents and employees. The car park is connected with two elevators. In the basements there is room for a secure bicycle park voor the residents. The four-layered buildings will be build opposite of the (still to be build) housing at the Pablo Picasso square. The two-layered building will be built opposite the existing housing at the schoolyard


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