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de Nettenfabriek

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Project data
Client: Ontwikkelings Maatschappij Apeldoorn
Construction Period: sep 2015 - dec 2015
Gross Floor margin: 1000 m2
The 60 year old ‘ De Nettenfabriek’ in Apeldoorn will be completely renovated in order to house a new owner, Saxion /university of Applied Sciences.
In total, including newly constructed sections, a total of 4.500 m2 will be available for Saxion.
Bartels is responsible with the renovation of 1.000 m2 existing space, as a constructor and engineering-advisor. The lot has been vacant for the last year, so a rigorous revitalization has to be applied. Several breaches will be performed, a new façade will be constructed and energy- and heat- effective measures will be applied in order to give the building a state-of-the-art eco-friendly design.
The consisting main supporting structure of the building will remain in tact. Our engineering advisors have, on the basis of the NEN8700 code, ascertained that that the current structure has enough capacity and strength for the new design. However, some breaches will be performed and new floors will be installed. The current wooden floors will be replaced by insulated concrete floors, in which the floor heating will be integrated.
Because there is little to no information about the building, Bartels surveyed the structural features and reconstructed the building digitally.
Our engineering department has given advice on several aspects. Among which are building physics (sound production and fire-safety), energy (insulation and energy-use), installations and value engineering.
Because the building is situation near a railroad and its relative old age, environmental noise production had a high priority for the future user, Saxion.
The total renovation of this building has resulted in a major sustainable increase for this lot, thanks to Bartels. By using an EPC calculation along with several measurements, the building is made highly sustainable. Measures like floor- roof- and façade- insulations, but also the correct systems and floor heating.
Value engineering was also involved in our activities, which included architectural, structural and W&E systems.
The renovation is expected to start around September 2015 and has to be completed at the end of the year. Bartels also delivers the environmental permit requisition for this project.

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