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Renovation ice skating track Thialf

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Renovation ice skating track Thialf
Renovation ice skating track Thialf
Renovation ice skating track Thialf
Project data
Client: Hutten Metaal BV
Contractor: Heddes BV
Construction costs: € 50 million
Construction Period: february 2014 - october 2015



In Heerenveen (Netherlands) construction of an iconic building is underway, ice-skating stadium Thialf. After learning that Thialf was not viable for a new complex, a revitalization project was commenced for the existing stadium. The main building will be shaped by the 400 m track, which was constructed in 1986 and was ahead of its time because of its futuristic and minimalistic material use.

The 400 meter track is a building with a large icefloor that is surrounded by tribunes and a storey floor with a roof over the construction. Aronsohn, in cooperation with Heddes, had the winning design during the tendering period. Bartels was brought in by Hutten Metaal for advice on the steel construction.

Bartels was responsible for calculating the steel detailing work and researching if optimization was possible for the design of the steel construction. During the proces, a additional mounting plan for said steel construction and the hollow core slabs. Under great time pressure the calculations and optimizations were made and handed in, which gave the client a cost reduction of € 100.000. The biggest change in design was the replacement of spatial trusses to flat 2D-trusses, which gave the steel fabricator a more simple fabrication- and transporting-proces. 

This year, the new construction will be placed along with its floor slabs. After the 2015/2016 ice skating season, the track will close again, after which the internal steel construction will be gradually replaced.


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