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Spaarndammertunnel Amsterdam

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Spaarndammertunnel Amsterdam
Spaarndammertunnel Amsterdam
Spaarndammertunnel Amsterdam
Spaarndammertunnel Amsterdam
Spaarndammertunnel Amsterdam
Project data
Client: Gemeente Amsterdam
Contractor: Max Bögl
Construction Period: maart 2014 - januari 2015
Gross Floor Area: 14500 m2

The city of Amsterdam assigned German contractor Max Bögl to build the Spaarndammertunnel (SPT).

This tunnel, with a total length of about 800 meters, is built near the river IJ, on the north side of Amsterdam Central Station and is positioned parallel to the Tasmanstraat and Spaandammerdijk. This route is currently an important route between the centre and the western outcrops of Amsterdam. It creates a barrier between the Spaardammer neighbourhood and the newly developed “Houthavens” plan, so the Spaarndammertunnel is being build. On the roof of this tunnel, a park will be constructed as a green connection between both neighbourhoods.

The entire tunnel consists of 32 slices with an average length of 25 meters. Because of the size of this project, the effort in maximising structural efficiency is very rewarding. Bartels has been successful with producing stability with a minimal amount of poles  beneath the tunnel slices. Bartels reduced the amount of poles to a low amount of 5,5 per 4,3 meters. With this, we reduced the total amount of poles by 5, and we reduced the cost of this tunnel by €160,000.

The main contractor is Max Bögl, who besides the SPT, also works on the Noord-Zuidlijn in Amsterdam. IPV Delft has made the exterior design in the definitive design and Bartels is responsible for the constructive definitive design.

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