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Swimming pool De Geusselt - Maastricht

project image
Zwembad De Geusselt - Maastricht
Zwembad De Geusselt - Maastricht
Zwembad De Geusselt - Maastricht
Zwembad De Geusselt - Maastricht
3D model Zwembad De Geusselt - Maastricht
Zwembad De Geusselt - Maastricht
Project data
Client: Koppert + Koenis Architecten
Architect: Koppert + Koenis Architecten
Contractor: Van Wijnen, Sittard
Construction costs: € 24 million
Construction Period: apr 2010 - dec 2011
Gross floor area: 8.000 m2

The 'Geusseltpark' in Maastricht is planned to be a lively park, with inter alia a new swimming pool, which is also the most sustainable pool in the region. The pool is designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Bartels Engineers for Construction & Infrastructure is assigned as the main constructor of this project.

The pool is self-sustaining with a clean energy production ( also Co2 neutral) and is build from sustainable materials that, at the end of their life cycle, will cause little environmental damage (Cradle-2-Cradle). You can clearly see the efficiency of this design in the details of the exploitability and social security of this pool.

The goal is to have a Rc value of 7,5-8, this is controlled by testing earth heat. This pool houses six wooden trusses with a span of 33 meters. Moreover, hollowcore slabs are used as floorlevels and roofing, manufactured by Lugnatur (Switzerland).

Our department Materials Science advised on the field of applying crushed concrete. This salvaged materials is used in order to make Cradle-2-Cradle construction possible. This materials is seeved to a fraction of 4-16 mm, which makes it usable again in fresh concrete. The disadvantage however is that it makes this material angular, causes to use more water and thus more cement to gain an equal usability, but the shrinkage is almost indifferent. After research this did not lead to constructive solutions, as the change in shrinkage behaviour was minimal. 

Based on research by BAS (Venlo) and our knowledge, a mixture of maximised usable granules (100%) was used as a replacement, with minimizing usage of cement.

Besides the previous mentioned, this pool is appointed as a pilotproject for a BREEAM certification. This is governed by Grontmij in collaboration with Dutch Green Building Council

This pool acoomodation contains; catering facilities, paddling pools, a whirlpool, a leasure pool, jacuzzi's, focus group and competition pool, an extra competition pool with stands (with 220 seats), a healthcare pool, catering terrace, physiotherapy and meeting-, office- and personnel facilities. 


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