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Forum Koszalin Shopping Centre - Koszalin (Poland)

When designing successful commercial building, one has to take in account both user groups of this building. The public but also the local tenants. By incorporating local practices and focusing on both target groups, a great experience can be created. In the structural design, we make sure to offer the right solutions for incorporating design (aesthetics, routing) and technology (installations, mechanical systems, ceiling heights)

To create a shopping environment that is safe, operates efficiently and cost-effectively we employ a range of specialist disciplines including,

  • fire engineering;
  • 3D modeling;
  • cost calculation;
  • thermal and sound isolation;
  • and sustainability expertise

This all in addition to our core structural engineering and building services.

It is equally important to ensure that people can travel easily to and from the shopping centre. As part of our integrated approach we look at infrastructure and transport planning to ensure shoppers can park easily and have a good first impression on arrival. Departure should be smooth, with clear directions and collection points.


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