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't Mozaïek - Berkel en Rodenrijs

Bartels has over 40 years of experience in the design of educational buildings. These projects vary from primary and secondary schools to colleges and universities, as well as accompanying buildings like laboratories, libraries, student housing, sports facilities and stadiums.

Our construction services cover the entire project life cycle, from master planning to building engineering design to maintenance and renovation strategies. We are experienced in design of temporarily buildings as well.

What makes a good educational building? Every school and institution wants a unique building. An architectural design that reflects the school and its identity. Motivation, attention and achievement levels, even standards of behavior of its scholars/students all benefit from a high quality built environment. Together with limited time and money, at Bartels we work together with all the stakeholders to provide the best possible building and facility that is economically feasible. 

As multidisciplinary engineers, we aim to integrate all the elements involved in a building’s design, from its architecture and engineering to the choice of materials. We consider vital factors such as lighting, heating, fire safety, ventilation, acoustics, people circulation and security to ensure it is fit for purpose and a user-friendly learning environment. At the same time, we assist our clients in achieving environmental benefits and reductions in capital and running costs through innovative energy-saving strategies.




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