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High Rise

Lamar Towers - Jeddah
Together with our daughter company, Bakkala Consulting Engineers, we provide structural engineering services specialized on high rise buildings.
Our approach to high rise design is founded on working interactively with the client and within the design team to develop optimal designs to achieve Space and Programme needs of the client within the constraints and opportunities presented by other building systems such as vertical transportation, mechanical, and building facade systems.
To realise the maximum advantage in structure economy one must identify the spatial requirements of other building systems to establish a context of volume available for the structural frame. Within the available volume we identify strategies for the resolution of forces and then proportion the structure for economy, performance, and ease of construction.
Our multi-disciplinary approach in the design stage will lead to much more efficient solutions, which will add value for our client as well as the user of the building.
A few of the projects of Bakkala Consulting Engineers can be viewed on this website. For more information you can contact Chris Bakkala or visit the website of Bakkala Consulting Engineers.



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