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Water authority office - Doetinchem Netherlands

Bartels has extensive experience in the office sector. The projects we have completed range from corporate headquarters to high rise multi-use developments. We are well known for our efficient and large span concepts in precast concrete and steel.

Offices should be a great place to work. Flexibility, clear access, parking facilities, enough natural (sun)light and a well-controlled environment are as important as striking architecture. Our method of working recognizes the need to be constantly innovative and responsive to the demands of modern architecture.

To ensure accuracy, we use the latest 3D modeling technology to analyze important areas such as strength, materials durability, thermal performance and fire safety – all factors that can affect the quality and lifetime of a building.

We believe that an environmentally sensitive approach is fully compatible with the need for cost-effective construction and operation. In fact, we believe that in the best of building designs these aims can generate lifetime savings for the building user. We have in-house experts on sustainability design to get the best out of the design team.


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