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Building Supervision

The building process can be quite complex, involving multiple disciplines to be coordinated simultaneously. In practice, this can cause large errors during the execution of a project. Good supervision and extra checks on site are therefore very important. This way these errors, that may lead to delay and great damage, can be detected in time.

Our building supervision can be useful for developers, contractors and municipalities. It is performed by skilled and experienced employees who speak the language of the building site, with a feeling for constructions and the appropriate authority. An added value is that we can rely on the structural and building engineering knowledge of our colleagues within the company. It is often desirable in building projects to give quick answers. We can provide these answers in a timely fashion and also give alternative solutions, possibly supported with detailed drawings.

Bartels Building Supervision offers:

  • Supervision (monitoring and reporting)
  • Checking structural and building engineering
  • Pile driving supervision

Building supervision as a service can be deployed for both a short or a long period of time.

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