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Civil Engineering

Julianabridge Zaandam

Bartels Consulting Engineers are specialists in the field of ground works, road construction and hydraulic engineering. We provide the engineering for civil works such as bridges, tunnels, viaducts, aqueducts and sluices. Our clients are amongst others (designing) contractors working on Design & Construct contracts for the government. We ensure a methodical, detailed development of the design, naturally within the general design specifications of the client. Furthermore, we can support the entire building process and supervise the execution.

Supervision of the building site can be part of the activities of Bartels Consulting Engineers. We are distinctive for our expertise in detail engineering. Our advisors have a great deal of experience in the execution of projects. Bartels Consulting Engineers is independent, which means we always give objective advice to our clients .

Our consultants have plenty of experience working on the basis of Design & Construct contracts. As a result, we can carry out contracts for major construction companies, which increasingly prefer to work with this type of contract form. Furthermore, Bartels Consulting Engineers has considerable experience in the field of Systems Engineering. This is a design methodology aimed at the development of products and processes, which is carried out from the perspective of the total system and where the importance of all aspects are carefully considered. Systems Engineering concentrates on the early definition of the client's needs and the required functionality, establishing the specifications, developing the design, and validating the system.

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