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Project Management

Bartels can help visualize promising opportunities for the development and execution of interesting projects. Here we act as an intermediary, where we bring different parties together. And during the realization of the project we can perform all the aspects of project management for the client. Thus we can ensure that all building and contract specifications are actually executed. Even after the realization of a project we can be of service, for instance in management and maintenance of the building.

The execution supervision that we offer, will take place at management en supervisor level. At management level, it is ensured that everything about the building project is contractually committed and executed. This also includes carrying out checks on drawings and chairing board meetings.

Furthermore, the supervisor is responsible for checking the quality of the applied materials and guards that all the work is performed according to the safety plans. The supervisor takes a daily report on the progress of the project, which will be checked weekly by the involved parties.

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