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Value Engineering

Warsaw Spire

At Bartels, we always want to offer the best product to our clients. In that respect, we see Value Engineering as a very important service. With Value Engineering, we can analyse the value of an existing design and optimise this where possible. The interplay between shape and function is essential for creating value. From every perspective of stakeholders, but also from the perspective of every discipline, the value is determined. With these kind of projects we work with a multidisciplinary team, that we can manage for the client. 

Especially in the are of high rise engineering, value engineering can be a very interesting tool. Within a multi disciplinary team, with disciplines like M&E, geotechnical engineering, detail engineering, vertical transportation, the value of an existing design can be easily upgraded. Currently, we are working on the Value Engineering of the Warsaw Spire (the tallest office building in Poland), where extra value is created by optimizing the vertical transportation, which provided additional lettable space. 

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